I&#039m having difficulties to get my Personal Oracle 8i to work, he installation goes perfect and it seems as if the database starts up OK. But that was the starter database! Now I want to use my own database, I have the SQL-code in a file for the database and I&#039d like to use it! How do I import my SQL-code so that it "becomes" the database?<BR><BR>I&#039m also having difficulties in setting up the Oracle ODBC Driver (I&#039m going to use it in my ASP-pages), I&#039m not certain that I know the right service name for the database? Should I check this out in Windows Registry or what?<BR><BR>THANKS for answers!<BR>Jonas Hernlund<BR>SpiZy AB<BR>www.spizy.se<BR><BR>jonas@spizy.se