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    Paulino Michelazzo Guest

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    I have a trouble here. I need write a page that receive atualization of a server with a database all time that an user input a data in the DB.<BR>Many peoples say that I need use the keep alive. What is this? How can I use?<BR>I would like receive any information. If possible, send a mail to:<BR>Thanks

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    Dhanasekaran Ramaswami Guest

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    There are two ways of doing this, Use Push/Pull Technology, i.e fromclinet side/server side. In META tag u can specify that using REFRESh attribute,by pull technology.<BR> Else USE SLEEP command in Server side, the page will be pusked to the client in frequency u want.<BR>thats it

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    Swami V Guest

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    Hey Ram,<BR> Can you please give a sample code on how to use "USE SLEEP" in ASP?<BR><BR>Thank you,<BR>Swami

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