I&#039m still confused on what type of connection I should make to a database because there are so many ways of doing it.<BR><BR>When do I use the connection object? What situations do I use the command object? Many examples I have read use a combination. And there&#039s also the recordset object to move around in a table.<BR><BR>Let&#039s say I&#039m writing a small application, to display a phone directory. I first check to see what the user is authorized to do. (update vs browse) There&#039s my first databse access, to see what they are authorized to do. Based on that, I display information from a table. This requires paging because I&#039m displaying a phone list. That&#039s my second to nth database connection.<BR><BR>Does it matter if I use the connection object or the command object to access the data source? I&#039ll read about doing it one way or the other, but am still unclear about the proper way to do it for each situation. Thank you in advance.<BR><BR>Gail<BR>