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    osr Guest

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    Hi!<BR><BR>How can I return GIF document instead of HTML document I have been using Response.contenttype = "image/gif", but it doesnot return me iamge. My problem is when I run my script it should return GIF document instead of default HTML document. any help in this regard id highly appreciated.(My iamges are generated based on the input given.)<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR>osr.

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    When you return an image, that is *ALL* you can return from that ASP page!<BR><BR>You can NOT return any HTML, at all.<BR><BR>The way you make it work:<BR><BR>On the HTML/ASP page that wants the image, you do:<BR><BR>&#060;IMG Src="somePage.asp?somearg=whatever"&#062;<BR><BR>A nd now, when the "somePage.asp" returns the image, the browser knows to stick it into that spot in the document!<BR><BR>If you are doing all this and it isn&#039t working, then I don&#039t know what your problem is. Sorry.<BR><BR>

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    Swami V Guest

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    Put this code as the first line in your asp...<BR>&#060;%<BR>Response.Buffer = true<BR>%&#062;<BR>Then you specify Response.content-type ...<BR>I hope this will work...

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