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    I am running against SQL Server and using ADO Data Shaping and am running into a big problem with the results I am getting.<BR><BR>Can anyone tell me if joins using *= are allowed in shape statements? <BR><BR>It seeems pretty logical that they would, but when I try it, I do not get any results back. If I remove the * I get results, but I don&#039t get all the records. I have tried other SQL combinations in the shape statement, but nothing seems to work.<BR><BR>Running the SQL statements by themselves against SQL Server returns what I am looking for, but when assembled into a shape statement...no go.<BR><BR>Here is the SQL that is giving me trouble:<BR>SELECT <BR>a.v_id,<BR>a.vt_id,<BR>a.v_name,<BR>b.pv_id,<B R>b.v_id AS pvv_id <BR>FROM <BR>mp_vendor a,<BR>mp_project_vendors b <BR>WHERE <BR>a.v_id *= b.v_id AND <BR>a.v_status = 1 AND <BR>b.mpp_id = 1 <BR>ORDER BY <BR>a.v_name<BR><BR>Works fine both with the * and without when running by itself, but when I plug it into my Shape, it only returns records if I remove the *.<BR><BR>Any suggestions?? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Been trying to figure this dang thing out for 3 days now. :)

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    Try changing the line:<BR><BR>a.v_id *= b.v_id AND <BR><BR>to<BR><BR>a.v_id & &#039%&#039 = b.v_id AND <BR><BR>Lets see.<BR>

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