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    I am having trouble with index server. I cannot seem to find very many resources on the subject.<BR><BR>I have tried two ways of trying to get info:<BR>Set objQuery = Server.CreateObject("ixsso.Query")<BR>objQuery.Que ry = "@contents " & Request("Search")<BR>objQuery.Columns= "vpath, path, filename, characterization"<BR>objQuery.Catalog = "e:development"<BR>set util = server.createObject("ixsso.util")<BR>Util.AddScope ToQuery objQuery,"", "deep"<BR>set rs = objQuery.createrecordset("nonsequential")<BR>Which just returns a blank page when i try to display the recordset.<BR><BR>Also:<BR>&#039Set Conn = Server.CreateObject ("ADODB.Connection")<BR> &#039 Conn.ConnectionString = "provider=msidxs;"<BR> &#039 Conn.Open<BR>&#039Set rs = conn.execute ("SELECT vpath, path, filename FROM Scope() WHERE CONTAINS (&#039" & Request("Search") & "&#039) &#062; 0")<BR><BR>Which returns values, but not from the correct catalog.<BR><BR>I realize it may be a stretch to put this question in the ASP forum, but I couldn&#039t find an index server message board.<BR><BR>Any assistance would be appreciated.<BR><BR>Amanda

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    I&#039m sure you have IIS installed and because you do you have a folder called there you will find a query.asp page that is well commented and works well with Index Server. You can tweek it to fit your needs.<BR><BR>Regards, <BR>Rob

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