Almost three weeks ago, we started having problems on 3 different web servers; two are running IIS4.0 and the other is running PWS on a NT 4.0 workstation.<BR><BR>The first attempt or two to connect and retrieve information from different Oracle and Access databases seems to work fine; however on the second, third, or sometimes fourth attempt either on the same page or a different page, the browser times out and displays no results.<BR><BR>This problem requires rebooting the machine, which fixes the problem until after the asp pages that make database connections are used again.<BR><BR>This happens with many different web pages that many different people have written.<BR><BR>The code itself seems fine as it runs under Personal Web Server on Windows 95, as well as on two other IIS4.0 NT machines that have not been affected yet.<BR><BR>It does not seem to be a virus as I know at least the NT workstation machine has been thoroughly scanned with the latest signature files.<BR><BR>Server load, at least in terms of users, does not seem to be a factor as we have tried when no one else is using the machines.<BR><BR>Has anyone else experienced intermittent problems with ASP pages?