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    Bro Guest

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    I have a logo on my website. when this image loads sometimes it loads fast and sometimes it load super slow and looks distorted while loading. I was told that I should reduce the mage size so it would load faster. If I reduce the image size, then it will appear smaller on my website and I want it to be a specific size (since it is a logo). If I resize the image to a smaller size and in my code I include a specific height and width, then the image looks stretched out and distorted. Are there any suggestions on how to do this?

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    jason Guest

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    you need to reduce the image *weight* not the size<BR><BR>get a decent image tool like Fireworks ( look up compression in the help/tutorial files and go from there. what format is this image of yours?<BR>

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    ChrisH Guest

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    You need to reduce the size of the file, not the actual dimensions of the image.<BR><BR>If it&#039s a GIF, you can reduce the file size by going to and using the facility there.<BR><BR>

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