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    Sharon Guest

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    I am doing a calendar of events and I am dispalying from today on, but I can&#039t seem to get it to display, and I also have some dates that are July - October, how can I get those.<BR><BR>DataCon2.CommandText= "select eventname, criteria, startdate, enddate, eventtime, details, sponsors, phone, location from TblEvent where startdate &#062;= &#039" &Date()&"&#039 ORDER BY startdate" <BR><BR>Thanks,<BR>Sharon

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    Karl Guest

    Default RE: Prolly won't fix it..

    Not sure if this will help..but it&#039s possible you need to enclose your date() within # # not single quotes...<BR><BR>where startdate &#062;= #" & Date() & "#<BR><BR>of course, that won&#039t work if startdate is a text field..but I&#039m pretty sure it&#039s a date field, right?<BR><BR>it&#039d help if you told us what output your getting...does your select statement return anything? If it doesn&#039t, try removing your WHERE statement, if all rows are returned you&#039ll know your where clause is a naughty little monkey boy.<BR><BR>Also, I have no clue what you&#039re asking about with that July - October thing..<BR><BR>Hope that helped a little ...<BR><BR>--<BR>Karl<BR>KS

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    Sharon Guest

    Default RE: Prolly won't fix it..

    The date field is a text field, what do I use to get it to display 2 digit numbers, it displays the single digit numbers just fine.<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR><BR>Sharon

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    Karl Guest

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    So, if I understand correctly, you are trying to use text fields to compare dates..and the only things that are being matched are things like 1/1/00 but not 10/10/00 ?? I&#039d might be able to get it working if I had the application infront of me...but the real solution is to not use textfields to store dates...<BR><BR>That&#039s all I&#039m good for..<BR><BR>--<BR>Karl<BR>KS

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