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    I&#039m workin on a project for work. Here it is: <BR><BR>A couple of managers at my work hold weekly classes. They want me to implement a series of webpages that will allow all of the class participants to complete an online survey of 5 questions (radio or checkboxes (1-5)) and 2 text area&#039s. Here&#039s the thing. She wants to be able to view each survey seperately, and also find out the average values to each question! (e.g. Question 1 has an average rating of 3.4) <BR><BR>Anyone have any ideas of what I should use to do this!? Do I even need a Database? HELP!<BR><BR>JG

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    I did something much like this for the organization I work for. It was comprised of three sections: 1)SQL 7.0 database; 2) Administrative front-end; 3)user questionaire - Let&#039s start off with the data base: It needs to be able to hold all the questions/answers as well as the responses. Next, the administrative pages allow for a manager to select how many questions they would like to ask (up to 10) - After that the application asks for the first question, then whether or not multiple answers will be allowed to be selected (so the application will know to use a radio box or a checkbox) - if they want multiple answers it asks them for a minimum and maximum number of selections (so that the appliction will know what business rules to enforce) - Next they enter in their answers. - They so this for however many questions they have - There is also a field for them to enter in the name of the questioinaire - at the end of all this it everything is written to the database (the database is normalized to 3N) and the manager is given a unique identifier for the questionaire. The administrative pages also allow for updates to the questions or answers (this way if they notice a miss spelling or want to add or delete a question/answer they can do it from our intranet without interupting my work flow) - The last bit of functionality that the adminstrative pages has is the tallying of questionaire - The manager types in the unique identifier and clicks a button. The next page displays the compiled data and allows them to export the data to excel by clicking on another button (this allows them to make graphs/charts and do other calculations) (you will want to write a page that you to click through the database on record at a time so that the manager sees only one at a time) - The only thing left now is the actual user interface (or questionaire) - all this is is an ASP with on field in the URL... the unique identifier such that <BR>poll.asp?ID=3434gt97 This way you can have 25 different questionares going at one time and you only had to write one page. This page pulls all the info from the database - you can even set it up so that the manager can choose the color scheme they want to use - This project was much mor etime consuming than I first expected - <BR><BR>Good luck<BR><BR>bart

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