Crystal Reports/ASP or what?

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Thread: Crystal Reports/ASP or what?

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    I have come to the moment I have to choose the reporting program for my project. As i have been reading, crystal reports isnt the best choice for this, especially as it has to work with ASP. I need especially great graphic capabilities. So, any favourite programs to share? Thanks!

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    ANYTHING BUT CRYSTAL REPORTS!!!<BR><BR>There is a product called ASPCharts. I don&#039t remember how much it cost, it&#039s pretty cheap like $75 us. I don&#039t remember where I found it, but It is still in use for an intranet I designed a year ago. Just do a search for aspcharts and I am sure you&#039ll be happy with it. It has some nice graphic features, different shoices of chart styles. You pretty much have full control of your charts.<BR><BR>Regards,<BR>Brian

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    For graphics I use dundas software ( ) go there and download a free pie component that will let you do some nice pie graphics.<BR><BR>Note: You just download it, run the install on your webserver and finally just see the examples that cames with the installation.<BR><BR>See&#039ya

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