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    Can I load a small array into an application variable without getting a type mismatch error? If so, how?<BR>application("arVar") = arVar <BR>doesn&#039t work...

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    It should have worked.<BR><BR>How did you declare the array?<BR><BR>Did the application variable *already* contain an array?<BR><BR>Do you want to ever change the array that is in the application variable?<BR><BR>If answer to last two questions is yes, then best way to declare the array is this:<BR><BR>Dim someArray( ) &#039 no size!<BR>ReDim someArray( 10 ) &#039 give it an initial size...<BR>... fill the array ...<BR>Application("name") = someArray<BR><BR>*** in another page ***<BR><BR>theArray = Application("name")<BR>&#039 if you need to change its size:<BR>ReDim Preserve theArray( newSize )<BR>...<BR>Application("name") = theArray<BR><BR>Works for me.<BR><BR>CAUTION: Changing the array should be "wrapped" in Application.Lock/Unlock, of course!<BR>

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