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    I have a series of stored procedures in SQL Server 7 that will need to call other stored procedures which populate global temporary tables. I am not familiar with how SQL Server handles concurrent calls to these stored procedures that populate the global temp tables. <BR><BR>Let&#039s say I call stored procedure sp_PopulateTable which populates the global temp table ##temp. If I have two concurrent calls of sp_PopulateTable, with each call passing a different parameter value (meaning sp_PopulateTable will populate ##temp with different data due to the different parameter values), will SQL Server manage this and create two instances of ##temp? Or will it lock due to concurrency problems? <BR><BR>Thanks in advance for any help or references on this.<BR><BR>Megan

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    I believe it will. SQL will still take the request for a service as first come first serve. As long as you have some type of autonumber increment in the table, it shouldn&#039t be a problem.<BR><BR>Brian

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