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    hi,<BR>I keep getting an ie msg on one of my pages..."done but with error on page"...line 20"..... HOWEVER, the line "20" has nothing in it, except my openning &#060;%..... and the page works fine. Is there anyway I can disable or hide that msg?

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    There is a way to hide the error message, but I would suggest you look into the problem a bit futher... more often than not, line numbers aren&#039t reported correctly. The error could lie within a few lines in either direction. Check into it a bit more. Also, if you&#039re getting that error from IE, it is NOT the &#060;% tag, since IE is complaining of a client-side script error somewhere (IE&#039s DONE, BUT WITH ERRORS... message will complain AFTER ASP has rendered the document).<BR><BR>However, to answer your original question, go to TOOLS-&#062;INTERNET OPTIONS ADVANCED and uncheck Display a notification about every script error.<BR><BR>I strongly recommend you NOT doing this if you are the creator. You should see what the problem is first.

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    Do you use JavaScript in your page? If yes, check to make sure the scripts are correct.

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