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    Hi,<BR><BR>I am trying to send a date from a server to an access DB using the following SQL in my ASP :<BR>Insert into Table(DateFld) Values (#"&Date()&"#)<BR><BR>The problem is that the date is been sent in DDMMYY format when in fact I need it in MMDDYY format....This causes the error message from access "Can&#039t Forward Date" as it thinks <BR>1570 is 07150....<BR><BR>Any ideas on how I can rejig this !

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    You might check how the system date/time environment is configured on the server you are using. It may be set to return dd/mm/yy... the Date() function returns the system date I think so the problem may be there. Or possibly try the Now() function...may produce the same results though. I&#039d check to see how the server is configured first (control panel/Regional Settings)

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