SSL site creates 'unsecured' error when op

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Thread: SSL site creates 'unsecured' error when op

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    M@ Guest

    Default SSL site creates 'unsecured' error when op

    I&#039ve got a secured site that uses javascript to open some popup windows. However, when they open the browser opens an error message that says the user is be sent to an unsecured site (twice!). Then a second message appears that says the user is being sent to a secured site. This is going to drive users insane. Is there a fix, and what is it?<BR><BR>Really need help on this!

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    SteveC Guest

    Default RE: SSL site creates 'unsecured' error whe

    Does your new HTML window reside in the same directory as the other secured pages? If not, there&#039s your problem. You can also check the pop-up windows by looking at the properties, and check the SSL encryption.

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