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    Hi Everyone,<BR>I am working on a home network website where users can publish their homes for sale with Photos.<BR>The photos of the home can be uploaded either from the file system or thro&#039 Kodak Photonet.<BR><BR>For those who don&#039t know about Kodak photonet, it&#039s the website where U can publish Ur photos if U choose the Kodak photonet option when developing Ur roll.<BR><BR>Now the problem is, when the uploading of the images is done, a link is provided to Kodak, where the user can select the images he wants to upload.<BR><BR>Kodak gives back the image reference something like this:<BR><BR>http://kodak62.photonet.com/pcenter/film/cache_tree/72/95/EK62C328AQJADRXW/0/160/0/big13.jpg<BR><BR>so, it&#039s been saved in the database in the same format.<BR><BR>Now the problem is , the photos are available in Kodak&#039s website only for 30 days, but our website should have the photos for a longer time.<BR><BR>So, I need to save this image in my local directory.<BR><BR>How do I do this. I have no control over the images in Kodak, it comes as the url mentioned above.<BR><BR>How do I save that image in a local directory something like:<BR><BR>/listing/kodak/house1.jpg<BR><BR>I don&#039t know if it&#039s a very simple question, but I am new to this.<BR>Any help is appreciated.<BR><BR>Thanks.<BR><BR>

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    You just need to get the image from Kodak and put it in a directory on your site then point the link to your site, worst come to worst you can go to the image on the kodak site right click on it save it to your computer then put it on your web server

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    thanks steve.<BR> this process of uploading the images is going to be done by the user when he puts his home for sale.so, right clicking on the image and saving it can&#039t be done.<BR>and from kodak, the only form by which we can get the image reference is with the URL I mentioned previously.<BR>so , any better way.<BR>Is it sensible to take the url as a string, and extract only the file name? but, the directory structure might differ. so, how to solve it??<BR>

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