Hi Everyone,<BR> I am working on a home network website where users can publish their homes for sale with Photos.<BR>The photos of the home can be uploaded either from the file system or thro&#039 Kodak Photonet.<BR><BR>For those who don&#039t know about Kodak photonet, it&#039s the website where U can publish Ur photos if U choose the Kodak photonet option when developing Ur roll.<BR><BR>Now the problem is, when the uploading of the images is done, a link is provided to Kodak, where the user can select the images he wants to upload.<BR><BR>Kodak gives back the image reference something like this:<BR><BR>http://kodak62.photonet.com/pcenter/film/cache_tree/72/95/EK62C328AQJADRXW/0/160/0/big13.jpg<BR><BR>so, it&#039s been saved in the database in the same format.<BR><BR>Now the problem is , the photos are available in Kodak&#039s website only for 30 days, but our website should have the photos for a longer time.<BR><BR>So, I need to save this image in my local directory.<BR><BR>How do I do this. I have no control over the images in Kodak, it comes as the url mentioned above.<BR><BR>How do I save that image in a local directory something like:<BR><BR>/listing/kodak/house1.jpg<BR><BR>I don&#039t know if it&#039s a very simple question, but I am new to this.<BR>Any help is appreciated.<BR><BR>Thanks.<BR><BR><BR>