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Thread: POST or GET?

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    I am confused by the amount of sites that use the get method to submit forms when this clearly makes visible the fields and data that is being used. This must make it easier for people to create malicious apps or html which could say generate thousands of hits on pages which possibly store data on your server.<BR>I am misunderstanding the whole thing?

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    The nice thing about using the querystring is that you can call a page and pass parametters directly from an HREF tag. For example, I could do:<BR><BR>&#060;A HREF="mypage.asp?Name=Bob"&#062;<BR><BR>Now, if you have a form, there really is no reason why you would want to use a GET over a POST when using ASP. You can use the Request object to read from both the QueryString and POST variables. For example, if you do:<BR><BR>Request.QueryString("Name")<BR><BR>it will search the querystring for a variable named name.<BR><BR>Request.Form("Name")<BR><BR>will search the posted data for a variable named name.<BR><BR>Request("Name")<BR><BR>will first search the querystring; if the variable named name is not there, it will search the posted data. Neat, eh?<BR><BR>I don&#039t know if this answers your question(s) or not, but I had fun typing it! :)

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