Using UNC path in Fso.GetFolder(unc_path)

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Thread: Using UNC path in Fso.GetFolder(unc_path)

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    Rama Jampani Guest

    Default Using UNC path in Fso.GetFolder(unc_path)

    I have an ASP page that displays sub-directories in a given folder. I use VB script Fso.GetFolder(path) method to do this. If the path specified in the GetFolder method is of the format "C: emp" then everything works fine.<BR><BR>But, when I create a share called "share_temp" for the directory "C: emp", and then use the UNC path "\localhostshare_temp" in the GetFolder method, I get the following error:<BR>Microsoft VBScript runtime error &#039 800a004c&#039 <BR>Path not found <BR><BR>Any ideas as to why I get this error. <BR><BR>

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    Joe mama Guest

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    Try creating a drive and accessing it with x:yadayad or whatever. Also, the access permissions for your IUSR account (if using anonymous) must be set or the person hitting the site(if using NT authentication) must be set also. <BR><BR>Also, I know there is a problem with accessing MS Access databases using UNCs due to IIS not passing the security info over.. this same problem may be affecting you, try searching

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    I haven&#039t had trouble with UNC paths using the FSO, so it&#039s probably a security problem. To remedy the problem of the security context not being passed, consider using Software Artisans FileManager component (they bundle this component with most everything they sell; it may be free; check It has a method called LogonUser, and another called RevertToSelf. These two allow you to create machine-hoppable security contexts so you can access files on UNC shares, Exchange Server email, etc. They also have a transactional FileManagerTx component, if you&#039re into that sort of thing.

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