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    sean1978 Guest

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    Hi-<BR><BR>At work we have a &#039perfect environment&#039, all the computers on the intranet are set up with specific versions of everything. In particular they are all using MSIE 4.72.3110.8 SP1<BR><BR>At the programming level we are using a MapX activeX control. It used to work under IE3.0, now it won&#039t work in IE 4.72.3110.8 SP1, however it will work under IE 4.72.3612.1713 SP2<BR><BR>I tried using the lines<BR>&#060;META content="text/html; charset=unicode" http-equiv=Content-Type&#062;<BR>&#060;META content="MSHTML 4.72.3110.8" name=GENERATOR&#062;<BR>to force it, but it didn&#039t help.<BR><BR>Does anyone have any idea on a way to fix this without installing SP2 or IE5 on the whole intranet.<BR><BR>Thanks as always!<BR><BR>-Sean

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    jason Guest

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    a meta generator wouldn&#039t force anything - it&#039s just metadata, doesn&#039t carry out an action. i can&#039t see how setting a different charset would help either.... i assume this is a client side activeX control, right?<BR><BR>have you considered that this problem may be one of the reasons sp2 appeared? especially considering it used to work in IE3, then didn&#039t work, then did. may have to bite the bullet and upgrade....<BR><BR>jason

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    sean1978 Guest

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    Thanks a lot Jason. Thats what I have been screaming around here, but you know how corporate is.

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    jason Guest

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    sure do.. i just droppped a good paying ColdFusion job at a law firm to go back to commercial internet in ASP, pretty much because of the corporate thing...

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