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    I need some help with coding.<BR><BR>I am developing a Event calender application but have hit a problem.<BR><BR>Currently i can only have one event on one day.<BR><BR>I need advise on how i can allow for a event to have a start and end date to allow for muliple days and how to change the color of the date table cells to highlight the event.<BR><BR>Your help would be greatly apperciated.<BR><BR>Jamesb

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    Default Calendar with multi-day events...

    ...fine, now what about multi-event days???<BR><BR>What do you do when event 1 goes Mon-Tue-Wed<BR>and event 2 goes Tue-Wed-Thur<BR>and event 3 goes Wed only?<BR><BR>What do you want to show?<BR><BR>Your "specs" are just a bit too loose to help you out, yet. Pin things down better.<BR><BR>If you never have more than one event per day, the solution is pretty easy. But if more than one...well, you have to start getting tricky.<BR><BR>

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