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    Mike Green Guest

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    I want to use ASP cookies to save the states of lists boxes when a user browses between pages. I am currently writing cookies using client side javascript, on the onload and onunload events. This works ok until I try to use Session vars with ASP (i.e a user logs in some Session vars assigned). After a while, the Session ID cookie is wiped and all user details are lost! I have no idea why this happens....nor do Microsoft...funny that isn&#039t it.<BR><BR>Does anybody know how I can recode to achieve the same effect with ASP cookies. Can I capture the onload and onunload events and call a server side script to write and read the cookies?<BR><BR>Any help would be much appreciated.<BR><BR>Thanks in advance<BR><BR>Mike Green

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    Persesus Guest

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    I understand this as:<BR><BR>You have a selection screen, EG Listboxes. and when a user shuts down, and comes back at a later date you want to restore these settings.<BR><BR>Am I Correct?<BR><BR>If your just browsing between pages where everything gets reset to defaults at the start why use cookies?

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    Mike Green Guest

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    The screens in question contain list boxes and text boxes that the user can make selections to. When they browse other parts of the site they need to come back to these pages with the info they previously selected intact, hence why I use cookies.<BR><BR>Hope this clarifies the previous post.<BR><BR>Thanks for your help

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    Hi,<BR><BR>I&#039m might not be understading the problem correctly but why not take the input from the selection boxes and add them to session variables that way they stay there until the browser is closed?<BR><BR>Hope that helps, Dan.

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    Persesus Guest

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    Session Variables time out after a period of inactivity, I think its about half an hour.<BR><BR>When times up they are cleared.

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