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    SID Guest

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    Problem?<BR>I need to detect the IP address of a client PC , using ASP.<BR>I know of the Request.Servervariables("Remote_host") but this doesn&#039t seem to work through a proxy server on our intranet.<BR><BR>So I guess I need to extract the IP address using Javascript on the client PC and pass it over to ASP.<BR><BR>does any one know how to do this in Javascript?????????<BR><BR>Basically I&#039m trying to send personalised content to IP specific PC&#039s<BR><BR>your help appreciated!!!!!!<BR>cheers<BR>S

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    Shadao Shai Guest

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    I know that using a java enabled brwoser and javascript<BR>you should be able to do this but I want to find out one<BR>detail before I go looking for an answer. <BR>Since it&#039s a intranet - Do the clients use one paticular<BR>browser like IE only, etc?<BR><BR>Im curious about obtaining IP&#039s through proxies myself so this should be fun.

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    sid Guest

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    Yes we&#039re on a intranet and users have IE

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    Shdao Shai Guest

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    well sid, I came up with a few ideas that used Java<BR>enabled IE but they don&#039t work. It seems as if this idea<BR>is not the correct way to go. I would suggest using a<BR>form of authentication other that IP address, such as<BR>NT authentication, https to send u/p, etc.<BR><BR>Sorry I couldn&#039t be of more help.<BR>- Shadao

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