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    karthik Guest

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    hai guys,<BR>while fetching records from a database i need to display each record in a single page and i need links between the page also.<BR>i am able to fetch all the reords at a single stroke or one record at a time. i have placed a button in the displayed page clicking on which u have to go to the next record that is being displayed in a separate page. i am using MS-Access database.<BR>kindly help<BR>karthik

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    This is just "paging records" with a page size of 1. That&#039s all.<BR><BR>If you don&#039t find it elsewhere, go to and look for the "lessons" on paging through databases.<BR><BR>

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    karthik Guest

    Default thank you bill

    i sorted out that problem using the pagesize the same day.<BR>thankyou very much for your reply.

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