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    How can i test the scalability of my site?how can i know how many hits can my site with stand simultaneously

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    Panos Barbalias Guest

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    There are many parameters that decide that..<BR>For example if you forget to close a connection to a database that one of your asp calls, and you have 60 users per hour than in some days the server will have a problem.<BR>But if everything is perfect, then you have to think how many users are going to be online and what type of line you have..If you have a 256kbs ISDN, it is very good for 10 persons online at the same time...I don&#039t know what kind of pages you have. If they stop and read the page or they download all the time files and graphics...<BR><BR>More specific?

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    Kevin Guest

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    Stress test it,<BR><BR>there is a free stress test program from microsoft that will probably make you go nuts. There are also a sleuth of _very_ expensive stress test utilities from a multitude of vendors. Try webspray, they have a limited 30 day trial you can get started on.<BR><BR>kev

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