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    &nbsp;<BR>I tried using the Asp Upload to upload my files in the server.<BR>I don&#039t know where I&#039m wrong cos the code seems to be fine.<BR>But I can&#039t make it through Asp upload. <BR><BR>Now this time I tried using the third party component and this one worked. The only problem with the third party component is <BR>I have to get it registered in the web server to make my code to work. But this involves a long peroid of time which is not feasible!.<BR><BR>Now how can I make this AspUpload component to work?. This is urgent!!! If possible please let me know!!!<BR><BR>

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    are you getting an error message? why don&#039t you share it with us?<BR><BR>if you&#039re not getting an error message, what happens? - here&#039s a hint - &#039it doesn&#039t work&#039 isn&#039t good enough<BR><BR>jason

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