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    Sree.S Guest

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    I want to allow my customer to access the pages without keying in a username and password. <BR>If i use the remote host request method, i can get the IP address but in case like 122.122.*.* I don&#039t know how to go about it ...<BR>how can i allow a range of IP address to be passed without entering the username and password.

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    Swami V Guest

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    hi,<BR>I am not quite sure of your requirement!!!<BR>but authenticating against an IP is not a good idea, as the <BR>dial-in users will get random ip addresses & it won&#039t be the same every time... If by any chance you use Site Server, I could help you find out a solution...<BR>I am sorry if my answer doesn&#039t satisfy you...<BR><BR>Swami

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