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    ChrisH Guest

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    I want to be able to send e-mails without using CDONTS (it&#039s not installed on the server). The server is running exchange on port 26, and another SMTP client on port 25. Does anyone know how I can use these to send e-mails from an asp script?<BR><BR>

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    sureshRaghavan Guest

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    hi<BR> We can use CDO library object of ASP in association with Exchange server for sending mails. This will clear all limitations of CDONTS. It will create MAPI Session using Logon SMTP Method. Here u can use any service for sending mails apart from SMTP service used in CDONTS. The only criteria is the user should have a valid NT account which creates a mail box in exchange server. The MAPI session will logon to this mail box.<BR><BR>Suresh<BR><BR>

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    ChrisH Guest

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    Thanks very much!

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    sureshRaghavan Guest

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    thats fine but in case of problems get in touch.<BR>bye

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    hi Suresh,<BR>I want to know can we use CDO library objects using IIS 4.0 web server ie. Making Use of ASP 2.0.Since we have our web server on IIS 4.0 and I want to connect it with Exchange server using CDO.on IIS 4.0 web server.If no then what is the solution<BR><BR>waiting for u r quick reply<BR>thanks

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