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    I need help, I need something that checks if a file / db have been updated. If file / db is updated a page will reload.<BR><BR>I don´t think looping is a good solution, some other suggestions?

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    Do you mean that you want the browser to reload the page when something on the server is changed? <BR><BR>You can&#039t do it the other way around: The server can *NEVER* force the browser to accept a new page.<BR><BR>So how to do this? <BR><BR>Easiest way is simply to refresh that browser display every so often. Many, many sites do this.<BR><BR>Slightly tougher, but less "disturbing": Use an invisible frame. Reload that invisible frame once every so often. Have the frame post information back into the "master" frame saying "yep, it&#039s changed!", at which point the master frame then forces its own reload.<BR><BR>Many variations on that, of course.<BR><BR>But doing it all on the server? Can&#039t be done, if I understand what you are asking.<BR><BR>

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