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    My website looks horrible in netscape, it has a black bar around the sidebar and bottom of the page, i use asp to save on code writing(pastes the main part of code in like a template)<BR><BR> what could be wrong top cause this problum in netscape?

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    1.Asp does n&#039t support in netscape<BR>2.You can view the source of your asp page by using &#039View&#039.Because IIS will return the asp as html to client and then test!<BR><BR>Best of luck

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    Sorry to be a pain. No browsers support ASP. ASP is resolved to raw HTML and client script by a webserver that can interpret ASP. No actual ASP is sent to the browser (if we&#039re doing it right anyway). #2 is a great idea -- view the source and see what is being sent. If your page looks different in one browser vs another, it&#039s because the HTML generated is not compatible.<BR><BR>Views expressed are not necessarily those of my employers.

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    Default Why does Netscape suck?

    Netscape should be sued for the extra development time that they put on companies. And now with Netscape 5 and 6+, they aren&#039t even going to be backward compatible with NS 4. That means we are going to have at least 3 DOMS for a while. <BR><BR>Any code that used, document.layers, and/or the &#060;layer&#062; tag, is not going to work in NS 5, 6+.<BR><BR>How can you not be backward compatible with your own bloody product? Of course you should support the new standard, but you should also figure out a way to support your own previous version. <BR><BR>And I thought it was bad when they used a margin offset and you couldn&#039t align at the top left back in NS3. IDIOTS!!!<BR><BR>John

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