I have seen a lot of people wondering how to pass information from ASP to COM and viceversa. I have come up with what seems to me a very simple solution:<BR><BR>Create a COM that wraps a language specific data container, in this case a java Vector. then pass this from the com to the ASP page like this:<BR><BR>Java COM Container<BR>public class StringArray<BR>{<BR>private java.util.Vector myVector;<BR>public void addString(String addString){<BR>this.myVector.addElement(addString) ;<BR>}<BR>public String getString(int arrayIndex){<BR>return (String) this.myVector.elementAt(arrayIndex);<BR>}<BR>}<BR> <BR>Now I can create this component inside ASP, fill it using setString, pass it to my COM that uses the getString to get the data. <BR><BR>I have something like this working from ASP to a vb and a java COM and vice versa. <BR><BR>My concern is that this seems like such an obvious solution to this problem that I would expect everybody to be using it if there weren&#039t some serious drawbacks. <BR>Anybody care to comment on this? <BR><BR>Kev