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    Swami Guest

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    I need to convert the current date to GMT Date Format & also convert back the GMT date to a specific time zone requested by the user. Can anyone please help me to solve this problem??

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    jason Guest

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    there&#039s inbuilt support for it in JavaScript/JScript - to do it on the server you&#039d need to get the Date.TimeZOneOffset property from the browser, but it&#039s just as easily done client side<BR><BR>jason

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    Swami Guest

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    The following piece of info has been extracted from microsoft support knowledge base<BR>----------------<BR>While VBSCRIPT does provide many date and time manipulation functions, it does not provide a function to return GMT or a function to return the current time zone offset from which GMT could be derived. <BR>-----------------<BR>So, it has to be implemented only in JavaScript. <BR>Can you please give me an example of how to convert GMTTime to local time in Javascript? <BR><BR>I have used toGMTString() to convert to GMTTime. <BR><BR>But, I am not able to use this date to insert into a SQL database.<BR><BR>Can you please tell me how to convert a GMTDate to a specific Date Format which can be used in SQL Server?<BR><BR>Thanks in Advance,<BR>Swami

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