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    &nbsp;<BR>I use several ASP&#039s to load data into a database. After the user loads the data, I return a completed form for them to print. Now that we have added several different forms, it would be better to print them all at once. Because of Formatting issues, we have had to seperate the pages into several differnt instances so that they get one form per instance.<BR><BR>I have no idea about Cascading Style sheets so I was hoping there just something simple I was overlooking in the books I have. I have yet to stumble on something that would let me place a hard Page break between each of section of code in my return all forms function.<BR><BR>Any help would be wonderful.<BR><BR>Rich Tracy<BR>Omaha, NE

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    Rich-<BR>.b{page-break-after:always}<BR><BR>more info on the page break is available from:<BR><BR>

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