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    Nurice Guest

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    Hi, I have a registration page that has a Java client-side script that checks that the passwords match, and if not, MsgBox pops up and says so. Works beautifully. What I would like is similar code to make sure all of the Fields are filled in, complete with MsgBox pop-up. Java is not my area of expertise, to say the least!<BR> And also, when you &#060;input type="text", is there a way to limit the amount of characters the client is able to type? <BR> Thanks in Advance<BR>-Nurice

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    MaxLength=somenumber<BR><BR>will set the maximum number of characters allowed in the text field<BR><BR>sorry can&#039t help with the java script

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    Nurice Guest

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    Thanks Steve, but I still need Java help.<BR>I don&#039t know Java, so I need someone&#039s help. I need (simple) code to check that all of the fields in my form are filled with something, and if not, pop-up with a Msgbox. Thanx a ton!<BR>-Nurice<BR>

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    jason Guest

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    you&#039re not talking about java, you&#039re talking about javaScript - they&#039re two different languages - they&#039re only so similar because netscape&#039s marketing department are willing to mess with the truth to gain an advantage (for instance forthcoming netscape *6* is actually communicator *5*)<BR><BR>There&#039s a very good javascript tutorial at - possibly the best on the web - i suggest you go and read it.<BR><BR>jason

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