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    Kiran Shiveshwar Guest

    Default ASP v/s Servlet - Your opinion please

    I wanted to know from wveryone&#039s experience what are the advantages of ASP over Servlets and vice versa.<BR><BR>I also wanted to know whether the market of ASP is growing or shrinking compared to Servlets.<BR><BR>Is is true that for big projects Servlets are preferred to ASP.<BR><BR>

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    e Guest

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    I think there might be some confusion here. ASP is really just<BR>part of the big picture. ASP is the "glue" that holds<BR>the web application together. It can use COM objects<BR>to do anything a servlet can do. (These can be written in Java<BR>by the way) Or it can call a stand alone Java object.<BR><BR>For big projects it really depends on the development<BR>environment. If you specialize in Java /Unix then a servlet<BR>might be the best way to go. If you develop in a MS environment<BR>then ASP/COM is probably going to get the best bang for your buck.It really just depends on so much more than just personal preference. You have to evaluate the entire project.<BR><BR>I see it this way - use the best tool for the job. Allot<BR>of people get tied to a technology and that restricts them.<BR>Java is good. ASP/COM is good.<BR><BR>If you are new and looking to enter the best market then I<BR>would suggest Learning a higher level language like Java<BR>(which is really good for cross platform development) and also<BR>a scripting language like ASP, PERL, or PHP. This will<BR>give you the flexibility you ned to stay at the top of the game.<BR><BR>thats just my opinion though :-)<BR><BR><BR>

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