I&#039m having a problem with anonymous logins on IIS. My ASP pages work fine when I&#039m using my own account, but when a non-administrator&#039s account attempts to access a page, a box pops up requesting a username and password. When I click "Cancel," I get a 401.3 error message. I understand that IUSR is the default username for anonymous logins. My IUSR has full control (read, write, execute, etc.) over the folder where my ASP files are located. Also, I&#039ve checked my Default Web Page settings and "Allow Anonymous Login" IS checked. These errors only occur if I&#039m trying to open .asp files. Even if I try opening a file that does not exist, as long as it has an .asp extension, the box requesting a username and password will pop up. I feel like I&#039ve tried everything and it still won&#039t work!!!Does anybody have any idea how to fix this problem?