Our website uses IIS 4.0 with ASP pages. Our users upload files to our site. The filenames often contain characters that are <BR>not standard American English, such as "o" with an umlaut. The files are uploaded with no problems.<BR><BR>Next we use WS_FTP Pro to copy the files to an internal server running Windows NT 4.0. Sometimes WS_FTP refuses to recognize <BR>a filename with the non-standard characters. Ipswitch <BR>technical support was unable to duplicate our problem with <BR>these characters. Or if the file is copied<BR>OK, Windows NT converts the "o" with umlaut to the <BR>"solid square" character (that I think means NT didn&#039t <BR>recognize the character).<BR><BR>Finally a Visual Basic program processes these files. The <BR>program sometimes halts or dies when trying to process a <BR>filename with non-standard characters.<BR><BR>So I want to "filter out" the non-standard characters at the front end, on the website. I think if I can convert the non-standard Unicode or ANSI characters to the corresponding <BR>OEM (or lower-end ANSI) character, I&#039ll have filenames that won&#039t cause problems later.<BR><BR>Our computer uses the 1252 ANSI codepage. I guess I can write <BR>ASP code that would test each character. For instance if the character was ANSI number 242 - 246, I&#039d convert it to <BR>ANSI 111 (standard "o"). But I&#039m hoping there is an easier way <BR>to do this conversion. I appreciate any help you can give me.