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    On my first form page, I have a &#060;input type="text"&#062; field.<BR>WHen the user inputs a value, and clicks submit, he is presented w/a 2nd page that is used to confirm his data entry. If correct, the user is supposed to click submit again, at which point the data gets passed to the 3rd page and entered into an access DB. I am having a problem passing the data from the 1st page to the 3rd page when the user enters both apostrophes and quotes into the original text field. I always seem to get an extra set of quotes or not enough? Hopefully this isn&#039t too confusing?

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    Hmm. <BR><BR>I do a typical replace for the single quotes between 1&2, my db doens&#039t like the &#039 <BR><BR>anyway, you said somethign about passing from 1 to 3, why not pass to two and then three. <BR><BR>otherwise your ? don&#039t make a helluvalotta sense.

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    Actually, that is what I meant...I first pass to page 2 and then to page 3. The problem is that when I passed from page 2 to 3, it would lose the value of the string because it had 2 "s. Anyway, The way I got around it is to simply replace all " w/an obscure string (in this case I used: &*qt;*&<BR>Then when I am ready to insert into DB, I converted back to "<BR><BR>thanks.

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