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    Not an asp question per se, but don&#039t know where else to ask...<BR>Can you have a word document in a web page and then not require word to update it? Usually when you click on the page to edit it, it launches word. I know this seems unusual, but assume a workstation doesn&#039t have Word on it (well, office entirely) and I can&#039t put it on. Can this be done?

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    to not EDIT your web pages using word? If you don&#039t have word installed, your web pages cannot be EDITED using word, and you won&#039t default to use it either (it&#039ll default to Notepad).<BR><BR>If you want to change it in IE, go to TOOLS-&#062;INTERNET OPTIONS and click on the tab PROGRAMS. There you can choose your HTML editor.<BR><BR>If you&#039re asking if someone can view a word document and not have word installed, the answer is no.<BR><BR>Try rephrasing your question.

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