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    Please can somebody help me with this ASP thing???<BR>Where can I get it...<BR>Do I have it on my computer and have not realised it...<BR>Why should I use it as apposed to Java/JScript...<BR><BR>Thanx.<BR><BR>Signed:<BR><BR>Blo ody Stuck :oþ

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    Well Where To Get It:<BR>If You Have Windows NT,98,95 You Can Install PWS(Personal Web Server) And Get It That Way. Or Install IIS(Internet Information Server) Windows NT Only.<BR>You Ask Why:<BR>Well I Chose To Use It Because I Thought It Was Easier And It Is. There Is So Much More You Can Do With It. You Can Use Jscript And JavaScript In ASP. But That Is My Opinion SO Ask Other People To.<BR><BR>Well I Hoped That Helped,<BR>Matt

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