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    Lynne W. Guest

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    I want to prevent an ASP page from being refreshed - any ideas on how to do this? Several folks have told me it is possible but no one seems to know how ...

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    CoCheeze Guest

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    Is you page emailing or posting to a database? I usualy put those actions in a seperate page and to a response.redirect to the form again. This avoids the problems with the refresh.

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    Lynne W. Guest

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    To a database. I typically do as you have suggested but I want to display results, not the form again, as this is an application where the user is ranking several items. I need some of the form data displayed on the results page and using redirct disallows that.<BR><BR>It seems like if you can force a refresh you should also be able to disable it.<BR><BR>But perhaps there is another way. If I do the database update by submitting the form to the form page, do you suppose I could send the 5 form results I need in a query string? If so, I could process the info, update the database and redirect to the results page. Any idea how to code the query string content picking up the values from the form?<BR><BR>Thanks for your help!

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    Lynne W. Guest

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    I figured out how to have this app work without worrying about a refresh in the final display page and without having response.buffer = true keep form content from being forwarded.<BR>I used 3 pages. 1 is the form, 2 is the processing to the database and 3 is the results page, displaying form and database information.<BR>Form information that I wished to keep I captured as a variable in the second processing page. I then forwarded those values in the Response.Redirect path as QueryString variables.<BR>This is great - updates the database, keeps the form info I want to display and no worries with refreshing the form or the display pages.<BR><BR>I still would like to know if there is a way to prevent refresh!!<BR>Thanks!<BR>Lynne

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