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    I need help setting up options in a shopping site I am working on. What is the best way to database options that vary per products (color,size). How do you get the options to carry with <BR>the product info through the cart to purchase?

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    AtomicBomb Guest

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    Nancy - <BR> Either use Session variables (For a small number of options)<BR> or Cookies, with no expirey date specified. (For a large number of options)<BR><BR>First of all, get the users options and then store them into the Cookie or Session Variable<BR><BR>Then save this page and use a server-side include to add it to all pages which require access to it.<BR><BR>==AtomicBomb==<BR><BR><BR><BR>

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    Bill C Guest

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    I&#039m a little unsure exactly what you need, but I think I may be able to help. First, you should store the options in their own tables, dropping a foreign key for each into the main product table. That way you don&#039t need to carry any options around, just update the current record and it will reference the color or size table, then you can concentrate on just the product.

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