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    Joe Garber Guest

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    Hello,<BR> My job has been to develop an intranet for our company. I have been looking at different ways of having personalization settings for our portal and other department webs. We have been looking at Site Server as well as hand developing personalization system. However each one requires 1) a cookie 2) a login to set that cookie. <BR> We have standardize the company to using IE4 and will soon be upgrading to IE5. This provides secure User Authetication.<BR> Seeing how we are already using User Authenication to allow rights to the intranet and office files I would like to find a way, via ASP, to use this same method only without requesting the password, to personalize the pages with the users SQL stored preferences. This way I do not need to have them login because there machine is already logged in at boot. Do you know if there is anyway to do this?

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    Jason Buck Guest

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    There is an article that I have seen in WROX "PROFESSION ASP TECHNIQUES for WEBMASTERS" It is on page 204, 205 and 206.<BR><BR>Then you can use Request.ServerVariables("AUTH_USER").<BR><BR>It is a little indepth to explain here and I don&#039t want to violate any copyright laws. I would go to your local bookstore and check it out. If it is what you need, then buy the book.<BR><BR>I am in no way associated with WROX. I am just a simple webmaster / intranet developer that has found their books to be very useful.<BR><BR>Respectfully,<BR><BR>Jason<BR>webma

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