Here is my resume to date. PS-Im only reposting it because it got bumped off the bottom, and I have gotten many replies from my last one:<BR>=========<BR>Accomplishments:<BR>1996: Began creating web sites<BR>1997: Named by Duke University as one of the Nation&#039s Most Outstanding students. Member of Duke Talent Identification Program(TIP)<BR>1998: Nominated for scholarship to the McCallie School; a private school in the SE U.S.<BR><BR>1999: Began using Microsoft Visual C++ 6; took a class and I continue to use it every day. Very familiar with work environment.<BR><BR>2000: Worked with University student to create an online-test taking app. Began work on City School web site.<BR><BR>Latest Project: Star Wars Exchange( . LEts users register, and post items for sale or want ads, and lets them communicate about their posts. Built entirely from the ground up with ASP, ADO, and SQL.<BR><BR>Knowledge:<BR>HTML: over 4 yrs<BR>DHTML: 2 1/2 yrs<BR>JavaScript: 2 1/2 yrs<BR>ASP, ADO, & SQL: 2 yrs<BR>C++: 1 yr<BR>VML: 1 yr<BR><BR>You may contact me at , or visit my web site at . Thank you for your time.<BR><BR><BR><BR><BR>