Can any body help me?

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Thread: Can any body help me?

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    Timooth Guest

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    I am developing a calender using the bonus application from Teach yourself asp 3.0 in 21 days as the basis of the code.<BR><BR>But im stuck, can any advise of the following:<BR><BR>How can i change the code or what code is required to handle a start and end date in a event calendar rather than the examples "Event Date" only.<BR><BR>Any suggestions would be apperciated<BR><BR>

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    Igal Guest

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    I&#039d like to help but I don&#039t know wthis book and you gave not much info.<BR>i&#039d like to advise you another real good book with good and deep basis of ASP .It&#039s ASP IN NUTSHELL O&#039Reillys press.<BR>i think this is like ASP bible.

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