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    I have been given the task of implementing the Intranet for Prometric. I have to decide between ASP and Cold Fusion. Where can I find arguments for and against each of these technologies?

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    Check out:<BR><BR><BR>^150@.ee6b433<BR><BR><BR><BR>It really depends on who programs and what environment. <BR>If you have experienced VB programmers, ASP gets a vote; if using non-programmers, Cold Fusion is very easy to use.<BR>If this is an IIS shop, use ASP since it&#039s free and integrated. If not NT-IIS, use Cold Fusion since it can be added to almost any platform. I would caution against using CF on NT-IIS: other than costing money, the CF process will use more memory and processor than IIS itself (CF is a serious memory hog).<BR>Good luck.<BR><BR><BR>

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