I&#039m displaying an image that gets called in from another page dynamically. Instead of showing the image, though, it shows the name of the page that&#039s being referenced. In JavaScript, does anyone know how I might go about showing the name of an image on a page? <BR><BR>Our omnipresent Bill Wilkinson offered a thoughtful alternative approach to doing what I&#039m trying to do, but I don&#039t know enough conceptually to really understand what he meant. But I&#039m very close to getting everyting to work. I just need to see the image name. That&#039s all! <BR><BR>I use the variable AdImages to retrieve a random image from the page mentioned below. It works. I get a random image to display. The problem is that I don&#039t know how to extract the actual image name from this.<BR> <BR>var adImages = new Array("fetch_an_ad.asp");<BR><BR>I&#039ve tried a zillion combinations of...<BR>document.write (document.image.src)<BR>document.write (document.AdImages.value)<BR>(cheap, I&#039m sure)<BR><BR>Is there a simple way to display this image&#039s name? I keep getting "fetch_an_ad.asp" as a source, which makes sense. What about a property that I&#039m not aware of that will give me the real image name?<BR><BR>Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks to you, too, Bill!<BR>