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    CHETANA Guest

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    I am having a problem to capture the bounced e-mails, using CDONTS in ASP. Will be happy if anyone can help me find a way to get a log or a copy of those e-mails which couldn&#039t be delivered due to bad e-mail address, etc.<BR><BR>Thanks

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    Igal Vorobeychik Guest

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    All bad mail are saved in <BR>C:InetpubMailrootBadmail by default.<BR>I hope this info help you.

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    CHETANA Guest

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    Thanks Igor - I shall verify in that folder forthwith

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    Igal Vorobeychik Guest

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    You could buy AspQMailâ„¢ 1.5<BR>It&#039s very good and it has some features like write to LOG ,trying to resend mail by using secon server and more.<BR>Here is URL<BR><BR>I work with AspQMail about 6 months and it did a grate job.<BR>All the great features found in AspMail plus instant client response time!<BR>AspQMail works just like AspMail except that messages are queued up for delivery using the AspMail component. A companion NT service is notified when messages are added to the queue and attempts delivery while your ASP script is freed from the delay of delivering the message. AspQMail and AspMail provide a unified interface for SMTP messaging. AspQMail allows you to use the queuing mechanism for none, some or all messages. Compatible with: WinNT 4 & Win2K<BR>

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    I am trying to use AspQMail too, but I"m having serious problems. The MIME message sends, but the html source code in the email message (this is on Outlook) is all garbled, it has lots of &#039 3D&#039 and &#039=&#039 symbols that shouldn&#039t be there. Any thoughts?

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