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    Waqas Ahmad Guest

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    Hello All!<BR>As we all know that we can view source HTML of web pages that we see in Browsers. Can this process be done through scripting.<BR>ie the source HTML is saved in text file.<BR>thanks.

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    Panos Barbalias Guest

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    The ASP pages is executed on the server and gives to your web browser pure HTML. You cannot see the asp script unless you have direct access to the asp files.

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    Waqas Ahmad Guest

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    Wel U r right but <BR>I am talking about simple HTML files. can we save them in a text file along with HTML tags just like we do manually.

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    toby_2 Guest

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    On the server side you can use the FileSystemObject and to write to a text file - naturally this can contain html tags.<BR>-I think this is what you are asking...<BR><BR>Viewing the source of asp files from within in a client browser is sometimes possible...<BR>(New thread...any additions??)<BR><BR>::$DATA when appended to a URL sometimes displays source.<BR>This was a feature of ?IIS2?, and surprisingly still works on<BR>a few sites.<BR><BR>OR<BR>If the server admin person made a full IIS install and didn&#039t delete the sample code, you can write a URL to guess at the location of the viewsource asp file, and append a known filepath.<BR>Sometimes works too.<BR><BR>AND<BR>A very long string can be appended to the URL(i don&#039t know it offhand) and that too shows the source. MS only recently released a fix for this..., so it works more often than the above.<BR><BR>Any More?<BR><BR>

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